During his career Tricky had some women with him on stage. Everyone who came after Martina has been compared to her (by media, by fans). Not an easy job, but there are some who did it very well and could not only provide a good performance on stage, but also in the studio, were featured on albums, singles and could start a solo career if they didn’t already have started one before they met Tricky.

Since October 2008 that woman is Francesca Belmont, now called

Franky Riley.

She is featured as vocalists (with co-writer credits) on the newest album “Mixed Race” and on the first (“Murder Weapon“) and second single (“Ghetto Stars“), but also on other songs. Live she performs her solo joint “I Sing For The Joker”, on which she shows her amazing vocal range. You can listen to it on her MySpace.

Let’s go back to the person it started with:

Martina Topley-Bird.

She was with him from the beginning in 1991 (first demo recordings -> Aftermath) to the “Angels with Dirty Faces” album. Between these years she was the main vocalists on many songs that became singles during a time where Tricky was popular, had a lot of press, a lot of releases and because of that: Fame. In 1998 she performed with Tricky for the last time at the Glastonbury Festival. Now, 12 years after she stopped performing live with Tricky a lot of people still ask if she would be on the next tour with him. She is on tour, but with Massive Attack (as featured singer) and solo. She has two studio albums out and one live acoustic re-work (Some Place Simple) of selected songs from both albums plus new ones. On her first album, in US entitled „Anything“, in the rest of the world „Quixotic“, Tricky produced some tracks. Her second album “The Blue God” was entirely produced by DangerMouse (Gorillaz, Gnarls Barkley). She was featured on the last Massive Attack album „Heligoland“ (2010) and worked with Gorillaz and Common. If you want to read more about her two studio albums and her history, please check the very detailed fansite Moon Palace.

Other Weblinks: Official MySpace, Wikipedia, official website

In 1998, Cath Coffey and Denise Ellington were with Tricky on the european tourdates. Denise Ellington and Carmen Ejogo did the US tourdates. Cath Coffee did some shows with Tricky before 1998 (couple of dates from 1995 on), though. He also produced one song of her solo album “Mind The Gap” (1997, Japan only release) called “Summer Nights”. Carmen Ejogo is now more known for her acting roles. With Tricky she recorded the awesome song “Slowly” which appeared on the soundtrack of “Forces of Nature“.

When touring 1999 to promote Juxtapose, Kioka Williams had the lead female role on stage. I couldn’t find anything about or from her or the net. Same with Denise Ellington.

Not the same with


She was with Tricky during the Blowback time (2001), is featured on the album and toured with him. The most popular song with her might be „You Don’t Wanna“, but she’s also on “Your Name” and “Over Me”. Before she worked with Tricky she already had a solo career with one album out called „Walter T. Smith“(1996). In 2008 she released her second solo album, “The Turtle Chronicles“.

Weblinks: Official MySpace

Very active was and is

Costanza Francavilla,

an italian lady who gave Tricky a demo on a concert in Rome. She is the most heard vocalist on Trickys 2003 album “Vulnerable”. One track, „My Head“ came out earlier, on the 2nd CD of the 2002 french re-release of „Blowback“. She had another solo song on Tricky’s “Back To Mine” Compilation. After the work with Tricky, she released a solo EP (“zerOKilled”) and one album, “Sonic Diary“. Both records came out on her own label zerOKilled. She did a lot of videos, a documentary and is now currently performing with B_Co.me (her and Marco Messina), planning an album.

Weblinks: zerokilledmusic.net, Twitter, Flavors.me, Flickr, Lyrics

I’ve no idea who sang on the very, very few gigs between 2004 and 2008. That’s little mystery.


in 2008, when “Knowle West Boy” came out, there were three female singers with Tricky:

Kira Skov, Veronika Coassolo and Francesca Belmont.

Kira is well known in Denmark, were she released several solo albums and albums with the band Kira & The Kindred Spirits. She is featured on the 7″-single “Skating Your Pool” by The Gospel, which came out on Tricky’s label Brown Punk.

Veronika Coassolo did vocals on the “Knowle West Boy” Track “Veronika” an toured with him until October 2008.

After that Francesca took the leading female role.