Despite the fact that there were many collaborations with male vocalists (singers, rappers) for different projects, TRICKY took only a few of them on tour. Not a surprise, since most important songs are sung by female singers and only two rappers did more than two songs on one album with TRICKY. One of them was

a.k.a. Bionic
from one the famous english rapgroup London Posse. He was featured on three original tracks on „Juxtapose“: „Bom Bom Diggy“, „I Like The Girls“ and „Hot Like A Sauna“ (two versions). Later, in 2000, TRICKYs first anti release „Mission Accomplished“ featured another three tracks with him: The title track, „Crazy Claws“, „Tricky vs. Lynx (Live)“. He also played drums on the Baby Namboos album „Ancoats2Zambia“. On the limited edition of „Blowback“ there’s a remix of „Evolution Revolution Love“ by Marlon (Thaws) & Mad Dog. On his MySpace (, where you can listen to solo tracks he says: „All the work I did with Tricky and the time I spent with him in America, (…) has really bought me to a whole new level with my music.“

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FEMALE VOCALISTS – now and then

During his career TRICKY had some women with him on stage. Everyone who came after Martina has been compared to her (by media, by fans). Not an easy job, but there are some who did it very well and could not only provide a good performance on stage, but also in the studio, were featured on albums, singles and could start a solo career if they didn’t already have started one before they met TRICKY.

Since October 2008 that woman is Francesca Belmont, now called

Franky Riley.

She is featured as vocalists (with co-writer credits) on the newest album “Mixed Race” and on the first (“Murder Weapon“) and second single (“Ghetto Stars“), but also on other songs. Live she performs her solo joint “I Sing For The Joker”, on which she shows her amazing vocal range. You can listen to it on her MySpace.

Let’s go back to the person it started with:   click here or read after the jump.

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From the greatest album of the year, Mixed Race, comes one of the greatest songs of the year: “Ghetto Stars”. This song will be available as a download single and 7″ vinyl for he headz on November 29th via Domino Records. Only a few were pressed, so hurry up, if you want the physical thing.

I don’t know what’s on the B side. “Ghetto Stars” was co-written by Franky Riley. You know her from the Mixed Race album and the tours for over two years. Her brilliant voice meets Trickys unique voice perfectly. “Ghetto Stars is a dark, tense and heavy track about the reality of the gangster lifestyle, too often glamourised in music.”

Tricky tells it like it is, “Ghetto Stars don’t go far, ghetto traps locked behind bars” and “…riding in Zephyrs while my Nan plays the bingo.”

Art Rocker 4* out of 5: “Slow motion hip hop beats, cinematic violins and Franky Riley’s solemn femininity all work together”.

NME: “This is so smooth and syrupy”

The cover features Freddie Foreman who you can also see in the video. Read about Freddie Foreman here. Tricky and Freddie Foreman worked together before, for the album “Product of the Environment” (1999). The album contains 11 spoken tracks with music produced by Gareth Bowen and Tricky. Read more about that here.

Two days. Two shows. Two cities. One big experience. (Part 2)

After the concert my girl introduced me to TRICKY. I wasn’t sure if I would be doing this (walking up to him) so she kind of forced me. When I started doing online stuff about TRICKY I never thought I could possibly meet him and that was never my motivation. Read more

Two days. Two shows. Two cities. One big experience. (Part 1)

So, here I am, back home, trying to find words for what happened the last two days. I’ll try to make it as short as possible, but maybe this post will be long enough to make an hour passing by while reading it. Not just because it’s so long, but it’s hard to believe. Read more

Old to new content on YouTube… very interesting

While I should have been working I searched on YouTube for Tricky videos I don’t know. Read more

New Video “Ghetto Stars”

While Tricky is in Milan performing, his new video for the track “Ghetto Stars” is all over the net receiving very positive feedback. Read more

Two venues changed on current tour!

Attention swiss people, attention german guys! The Zurich show at the Club Q has been moved to ABART and the Hamburg show will take place at DOCKS, not Uebel & Gefaehrlich! Read more

Thoughts about cell phone concert videos

When I got internet in 1999, there were no such things as live videos of any artist. You had videos, but… they were like pixel shows and took years to load. Years later YouTube came up… a revolution. You were able to upload all sorts of videos and if you had a camera at a concert and you did take some shots, you could have let anyone know that you were at this show. The user who watched the video couldn’t see or hear if the show was good, though. How was the sound? The cell phone video couldn’t tell. What did you see?

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Ok, well, for everyone interested in his hair this might be a big sensational news report (the might just enjoy the videoclips. It is true, boys and girls, after at least 10 years Tricky is bald again. Here’s evidence from last nights Vienna gig:
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