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Thoughts about cell phone concert videos

When I got internet in 1999, there were no such things as live videos of any artist. You had videos, but… they were like pixel shows and took years to load. Years later YouTube came up… a revolution. You were able to upload all sorts of videos and if you had a camera at a concert and you did take some shots, you could have let anyone know that you were at this show. The user who watched the video couldn’t see or hear if the show was good, though. How was the sound? The cell phone video couldn’t tell. What did you see?

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Ok, well, for everyone interested in his hair this might be a big sensational news report (the might just enjoy the videoclips. It is true, boys and girls, after at least 10 years Tricky is bald again. Here’s evidence from last nights Vienna gig:
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TRICKY CDs from Tokyo

During her stay in Tokyo my girl took some shots @ Tower Records. I asked her, if she could bring me all japanese editions of the TRICKY albums she could find. Read more


Since friends of mine have spotted “huge” promo posters of TRICKY in my hometown Hamburg, Germany, I start to get goosebumps and become nervous: TRICKY is on TOUR! I’ve seen him in Berlin @ the Berlin Festival in August. It was an absolutely amazing performance and back then, it wasn’t clear if he was going to come to my hometown this year. Read more

Press coverage for MIXED RACE

During August and September you could see a good promotion wave for TRICKYs latest album MIXED RACE. Even though I always try hard to find and read every interview I’m quite sure that I found not even a quarter of the print and online stuff that gave information on the production of the album and TRICKYs background stories. Read more

First content uploads

Hey you, yeah you. One of those who might have already found this little spot on the net… this blog is still in the works, but I already did something. Read more

My Tricky fanblog is finally online

After months with the wish to have the time to create this, I finally managed to spend some time on the topic I care about the most in my leisure time, besides friends, doing music myself and other important things: TRICKY. Read more

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