I’m pissed off by WordPress and not having the time to do what I want to do here, but I hope in 2012 everything will get better. Every day I’m getting 1000 spam posts here.

I’m very sure we will hear about new Tricky output this year, even though Mixed Race wasn’t long ago. That’s what I hope, that’s for sure.

All the best to whoever reads this and is patient with my project here. I originally wanted to mirror my collection so others can see what Tricky put out. Not just data as you find on discogs, real pictures, details and stuff. I’m collecting everything he ever put out, from regular records to promo stuff, press articles, posters, I even got a lighter and a face mask. I’m in need of some stuff, also. Here, I thought, fans might be able to trade things and thoughts. But all I’m getting is spam and I’m not a top notch internet freak who knows how to clean up and do SEO and shit.

Takes to much time that I could spend on just listening to TRICKYs music.

So, I hope someday this year this website will be packed with more content. Until then, if you want to contact me about things, you can write to trickynerd AT arcor.de

Take care,