From the greatest album of the year, Mixed Race, comes one of the greatest songs of the year: “Ghetto Stars”. This song will be available as a download single and 7″ vinyl for he headz on November 29th via Domino Records. Only a few were pressed, so hurry up, if you want the physical thing.

I don’t know what’s on the B side. “Ghetto Stars” was co-written by Franky Riley. You know her from the Mixed Race album and the tours for over two years. Her brilliant voice meets Trickys unique voice perfectly. “Ghetto Stars is a dark, tense and heavy track about the reality of the gangster lifestyle, too often glamourised in music.”

Tricky tells it like it is, “Ghetto Stars don’t go far, ghetto traps locked behind bars” and “…riding in Zephyrs while my Nan plays the bingo.”

Art Rocker 4* out of 5: “Slow motion hip hop beats, cinematic violins and Franky Riley’s solemn femininity all work together”.

NME: “This is so smooth and syrupy”

The cover features Freddie Foreman who you can also see in the video. Read about Freddie Foreman here. Tricky and Freddie Foreman worked together before, for the album “Product of the Environment” (1999). The album contains 11 spoken tracks with music produced by Gareth Bowen and Tricky. Read more about that here.