When I got internet in 1999, there were no such things as live videos of any artist. You had videos, but… they were like pixel shows and took years to load. Years later YouTube came up… a revolution. You were able to upload all sorts of videos and if you had a camera at a concert and you did take some shots, you could have let anyone know that you were at this show. The user who watched the video couldn’t see or hear if the show was good, though. How was the sound? The cell phone video couldn’t tell. What did you see?

Ehm, same thing here. But just the fact that it was possible to share the videos and the experience made clear: Things changed on the internet. Everyone knew: Ok, when time moves forward and the technology for this problem develops solutions, we will be able to see if it was a good show or not. In 2010 cinemas show 3D concerts. If you are in Kentucky and want to watch an opera show in Moscow,… it is possible. If you are able to bring your high definition camera to a show and film with an at least mediocre microphone you will get results that can tell quite good how a concert has been, because it communicates the audiences feelings caught on tape, but also the sound of the band.
Most concert securities won’t let you inside with equipment like that, so you got your cell phone. If you are a lucky guy, you got a cell phone that can film videos in an acceptable quality. One of those guys who has a privilege like that is a YouTube user called staffansladik1. He attended the TRICKY concert in Vienna on November 8th and recorded the whole concert, uploaded it one day later. Great thing that is, if you are a fan and wonder what happens at every show and your eyes begin to shine when you spot new material on the net. So, that happens with me, so I was and I am happy that something like that happens. If you look YouTube up for whole Tricky shows you won’t find very much, but collectors can get their hands on shows from 99, 01, 03, if they are very lucky ones they also got other shows through trading sites. In 2010 a lot of people got iPhones and it’s clear that a lot of videos from the current TRICKY tour will make it to YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Every fan may be happy about it, BUT how does the musician think about this? He is on tour and might try to surprise the audience with the setlist, showstuff and then… shit, it’s everywhere. Since the artist can’t do anything about it (you really can’t), he has to live with it, but does it make him angry or is it okay? I do music myself and I do play concerts and if videos are made and they get on youtube, I should be happy, because it is promo, but I’m not. I only want perfect stuff with my name on it to be released. Will never happen. Can’t make that happen. The artist has no control and as a fan I love that, as an artist I don’t.

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