During her stay in Tokyo my girl took some shots @ Tower Records. I asked her, if she could bring me all japanese editions of the TRICKY albums she could find. She brought me „Knowle West Boy“ and „Mixed Race“, because all the other versions she found were the same that came out in Europe, without Obi Strip, without Bonus Tracks. I never bought any japanese edition before, because they are too expensive to import. So I took the chance and told her to get every album at Tower Records, because I thought they would be able to get there, but it wasn’t like that. So I got my hands on just two albums and I’m happy with that, because it makes me kinda mad that they always get the bigger package over there… oh, wait… I’m wrong. It’s not even like that when it comes to Tricky, because with Blowback we had a bigger digipac plus 2 Bonus Joints, with Vulnerable we had tons of stuff and the re-release of Blowback with 2 discs was even more special, because it featured a discs of unreleased tracks. So, why didn’t I buy japanese editions before? Hm, I don’t know. They are expensive. Oh, wait… did I spend over 70 Euros for a Aftermath Demo 12“ one day? Ehm, ok, yeah, but that was the first Tricky release ever, limited to 500, okay? What’s the point here? What is me writing? I have to get every japanese edition of any Tricky albums, because they not only have more tracks, they have the lyrics in japanese and a more beautiful print plus all the titels on the obi strip in japanese. They look very good. Anyone interested in hooking me up with flight tickets to Tokyo? More nonsense post coming to your screen in the near future.

By the way: „Mixed Race“ features a Bonus Track called „Friend Went To Jail“. It’s on the japan edition and available for download at iTunes, everywhere.