Since friends of mine have spotted “huge” promo posters of TRICKY in my hometown Hamburg, Germany, I start to get goosebumps and become nervous: TRICKY is on TOUR! I’ve seen him in Berlin @ the Berlin Festival in August. It was an absolutely amazing performance and back then, it wasn’t clear if he was going to come to my hometown this year. I have years of freedom of choice behind me, if he had toured last year, I could have gone to every concert in Germany, Poland, whatever, but this year… fuck… I can’t even go to more than two or three shows, because I can’t travel during worktime. Seems like I am a normal working guy, now. No one would have thought that, including me, when I said: “Next time TRICKY comes to GERMANY, I’ll go to every show!” – Yeah, well, uhm,… I can’t.. so I have to make a decision. Vienna? No, a flight + hotel + this and that – can’t do it. Shit. So… I might just drive to Cologne and then come back to Hamburg, to see him here @ Docks (Show will not be @ Uebel&Gefaehrlich!). And then… waiting for the next tour. Untill then I might have my freedom back, but then again… I got to eat. I’m just a normal guy – d’oh!

Here are the dates: