During August and September you could see a good promotion wave for TRICKYs latest album MIXED RACE. Even though I always try hard to find and read every interview I’m quite sure that I found not even a quarter of the print and online stuff that gave information on the production of the album and TRICKYs background stories. But that’s ok since nearly every feature in mags asked him the same questions. If I would be a journalists, I would scan the net for any information and then try to make up questions no one asked before. The good thing: I’m not a journalist. I wouldn’t think of all the people who don’t know him. Sometimes I think these poor people exist. They missed eight (regular) albums. What a shame. A fan will buy the album, no matter what. It’s about activating new listeners that might become fans. So, yeah, everytime an album comes out the artists needs new stuff to tell the people, even if the questions are the same like 10 years ago, so that those who know about him are interested as much as those reading about him fort he first time. All things TRICKY are always interesting to me and I don’t get the feeling that he made up stuff, it’s more like he’s opening up to everybody and giving away background information on his family and social background unlike all the years before. You can find out about his family situation, about his half-brother Marlon, who went on tour with him in 2001 doing a great part in the live version of the later „Where I’m from“ (Vulnerable) then called „Ace of Spades“ (What you gonna do when you gonna be older, do you wanna be a hustler or ….“). I loved that and I’m very happy he can be heard on a TRICKY album now, since the live version is very different from the studio one, so that it took nine years from that tour to his voice being released on a TRICKY record. He did some remix stuff („Evolution Revolution Love“ Remix with Mad Dog, for example), but now you get a glimpse of his vocal talent. Awesome! And then, yeah, you find out about his trouble with the law and stuff, the difficulties in the family (that you last heard about in the 1997 documentary „Naked & Famous“ (see it on the „A Ruff Guide“ DVD)), hard stuff. So the background information given seems to be very deep and even if I’m first and foremost interested in his music this woke me up a bit. I mean, everything you read in the press about anything is looked over a lot so that the text really gets your attention and stuff, but I didn’t notice anything that was over the top like you had in the 90s were every article just said: He can’t get along with journalists nor fans, always shows his back, blah blah blah. This is some real information. I guess. So, for all of you who don’t want to google their ass off, I got some links to quite nice interviews. Some of them are audio or even with video. Enjoy… and feel free to get in the discussion about the press and realness.

– Thorben / Trickynerd, Oct., 20th

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