Despite the fact that there were many collaborations with male vocalists (singers, rappers) for different projects, TRICKY took only a few of them on tour. Not a surprise, since most important songs are sung by female singers and only two rappers did more than two songs on one album with TRICKY. One of them was

a.k.a. Bionic
from one the famous english rapgroup London Posse. He was featured on three original tracks on „Juxtapose“: „Bom Bom Diggy“, „I Like The Girls“ and „Hot Like A Sauna“ (two versions). Later, in 2000, TRICKYs first anti release „Mission Accomplished“ featured another three tracks with him: The title track, „Crazy Claws“, „Tricky vs. Lynx (Live)“. He also played drums on the Baby Namboos album „Ancoats2Zambia“. On the limited edition of „Blowback“ there’s a remix of „Evolution Revolution Love“ by Marlon (Thaws) & Mad Dog. On his MySpace (, where you can listen to solo tracks he says: „All the work I did with Tricky and the time I spent with him in America, (…) has really bought me to a whole new level with my music.“

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