After the concert my girl introduced me to TRICKY. I wasn’t sure if I would be doing this (walking up to him) so she kind of forced me. When I started doing online stuff about TRICKY I never thought I could possibly meet him and that was never my motivation. Since I have been in contact with a lot of musicians who have reached a certain level, worked for them, went on tour and so on, I have a lot of respect for artists who need time for themselves after a gig and in general I like eye on eye conversations, but I knew I would be a little dog when it would come to meet the guy whose music I’m in love with for such a long time. The music gave me so much, sometimes it was the only thing that kept my head up and now there I was with this guy, TRICKY. He was very nice to me and us, said that he knew who I was and what I’m doing and I automatically felt very welcome. He introduced me to Gareth Bowen, the keyboarder and long-time friend of him, Simon (the tour manager) and other mates. My girls intention was to take a photo with me and him. That alone would have been an awesome thing, but he invited us to have a drink and chat. I had an amazing time. He was very, very nice with everyone. We actually were a circle of people talking about books, cultural differences, music and he was eloquently and open-minded. If I had ever have any expectations this was way above and beyond it. I thought he would be nice with us, no doubt, but he spend time a lot of time with us and had no intention to leave or seemed to be in an uncomfortable situation. It was like talking to friend. I can’t explain what this meant to me. Not in english, though. I promised to bring a gift the next day (Marzipan), since I was going to go to the Hamburg concert. It’s my hometown. I knew in the front of the club there’s a christmas market with very special sweets in, let’s say, unconventional shape. After more than an hour everyone packed up things so we took some pictures and said goodbye and I added a quiet „see you tomorrow“.

Awesome evening.

The next day I went back home to Hamburg. Arriving with having in mind that I would go directly to another TRICKY concert was very special. Like an ongoing and ongoing dream. I have never been to the Docks before. The show was supposed to be at the Uebel & Gefährlich, which has been the venue for the 2008 Hamburg tour stop, but venues changed. I have just seen one promo poster at a subway station, nothing else. Although local newspapers announced the concert, they also promoted a Faithless show and a Badly Drawn Boy show for the same night. Awkward: They said that Faithless and Tricky have the same peer group. Bullshit. Or am I wrong, maybe? I don’t like Faithless. To them Faithless, Portishead, Massive Attack and Tricky so all english downbeat music, all in one soup. That’s just ridiculous. Everyone who saw a Tricky show after 1996 knew that Tricky couldn’t get just one genre stamp. The music is very, very diverse. To say what it is seems to be a huge problem for the press. I’m not able to do that either. It’s TRICKY. What he does, does no one else. Simple as that, so why not just say: It’s TRICKY and that’s that. So with the bad promo and the bad newspaper announcements in mind, but since the day before good-tempered I went to the Docks on Reeperbahn, just to see that the christmas market where I wanted to buy a gift/present was closed. With empty hands I went inside and directly met Tricky, who invited me. He immediately introduced me to Paul. I don’t know how to start with Paul. He might be the craziest fan out there. He has a Tricky tattoo on his chest. It is huge.

But as if that wouldn’t be enough,… his dentist put TRICKY on his teeth!!!!!!!!!! It’s like a tattoo, but on his teeth!!!! I was so shocked and directly really liked this guy. In 15 years of being a fan I have only met one other fan (Kitty who does So alone the fact to meet someone who is so excited about TRICKYs music as I am, is a very special thing. Now this guy has these unique things done to honour TRICKY, so I was very excited that I met Paul. He is an tattoo artist who just moved from Romania to Denmark to open up a tattoo shop (Conan Tattoos, Sonderborg, Denmark) with his friends. TRICKY said that he’s a very good one and he has to know, because he’s got a lot of tattoos on his body. If you want to now more about TRICKYs tattoos, you can order this magazine (it’s in german). (If you want to get in touch with Paul, write a comment and I will provide the e-Mail-adress.)

The concert was very different from the one the day before. It started with the same song order, but after the fifth song it changed and he also did some songs that weren’t played the day before, logically left some out, too.

Blowback’s „Girls“, Knowle West Boy’s „Come to me“ and „Veronika“, Vulnerable’s „Dear God“ were played, „Joseph“ not. Sometimes he ended songs earlier. See setlist here.

The audience was louder and even more into it as the day before. In front of me there were people saying „Oh my god, this guy is so awesome“, „what a great show“, „amazing singer“… between every song, they went nuts. Tricky invited on stage twice and besides lots of others Paul and I went up. The second time we did that, Tricky got me and Paul to get stay directly next to him. What a show. What a great moment. After the show we had a few drinks at a small bar (the oldest one in Hamburg: Old Sailor). The jukebox really didn’t provide anything that’s close to good music (excluding Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight, which has been the intro song for Tricky shows for some time). This night it was the outro.

Thank you Mareice, thank you Gina

& THANK YOU: TRICKY, Gareth, John, Mike, Simon, Franky, Paul (and his friends!) and the other nice people I met.

I will never forget this.