So, here I am, back home, trying to find words for what happened the last two days. I’ll try to make it as short as possible, but maybe this post will be long enough to make an hour passing by while reading it. Not just because it’s so long, but it’s hard to believe. Ok,… here is my try being as objective as I can be. No, I know I there’s no chance of being objective. Wait, I have to cook something. What’s in the fridge? Nothing. Perfect. Feeling any tension? No? Ok. What? Yeah, you’re right? Wtf? Wtc? No, that was 2001. Almost ten years from now. I’m old. I remember listening to Blowback all the time back then and I still do that often these days. Interesting, isn’t it? Ok, ok, so here we go. I got hooked up with guestlist for the TRICKY concerts in Cologne and Hamburg, two german cities he visits on every tour. Since I’ve last seen him live, not so much timed passed (Berlin Festival, August), but I can’t compare festivals gigs – with a lot of people walking by and leaving again or talking about other stuff and wrecking my nerves – to a club gig with people who are really into the music. It’s just way more intimate and… the sound is better… and no nerv wrecking idiots. In Cologne the show was going to happen at Bürgerhaus Stollwerck. I’ve never heard of that venue before and when I arrived I faced a building with a theatre, a restaurant, all kinds of cultural offers concentrated on one spot. Often these venues don’t have the best sound, so I wasn’t very excited that the concert was going to be there. But what am I writing about here? The focus is Tricky and not my opinions on the world, so let me jump one and a half hours in time to go almost straight to the show. No support act (thank you!) and a DJ who had trouble on his way to the spot, couldn’t make it, so music was done by someone who thought it would be nice to play all sorts of downbeat stuff. So when Goldfrapp came out of the speakers, I took the chance to tell my girl about „Pumpkin“. I looked into her eyes and she gave me a look saying: „Oh, really? Ok. Remember to wash the dishes and buy milk.“ I know, I know,… I shouldn’t take every chance to talk trickynerdish. It’s just that I can’t forget anything I ever read about or from him, so it’s there and it has to be set free, making the world better. Um, ok, I really have to focus on the topic. I’m losing it, again and again. Did I tell you, that I hated it to see Goldfrapp, Massive Attack and Martina Topley-Bird at the Melt!-Festival, but not Tricky? I mean, despite the Goldfrapp gig the other two shows were great, escpecially Martinas one, but to hear „Overcome“ performed by her and „Karmacoma“ performed by Massive Attack later in the evening and knowing about all the stuff it was just hard to know that Tricky would not play the festival. BUT that’s another topic and again, I’m losing it. It became dark outside in the meantime, an entry on my facebook page tells me that Gina is also writing abou the concert in Cologne and I think I’m starving until I am finished. You think „who is Gina?“. My girl saw a young lady close to us with a camera and she was so nice to ask her about the photos. But it wasn’t just done with a few words, we talked about trickynerdish things and started a nice conversation that kept on going for the whole concert+. She was taking pictures for an american blog called MOG. The users of that blog are called moggers. I googled that, it’s true, no kidding. It’s cold, I have to turn the heater on. Oh, no, winter is here. There’s snow outside? Shit, I have to get new winter clothes. Any suggestions? A Tricky sweater? Noted, but I already got one. No, two. The same on twice. A collegue noticed it. He said: „Do you have this sweater twice?“. I was like: „What, how come you noticed?“ He said: „Uhm, one hole (for the – you know – these holes where you put straps (?) in, don’t know the name, too lazy to look it up) on the other one is a bit bigger than on this sweater.“ Dude scares me! Did you know that there are different „Blowback“ covers? Comparing the European version with the chinese one you can see that the European version has her nipples shown, the other one not.

Crazy. So with Gina aside of us and round about 300 (maybe) others in the crowd the lights turned down and the intro music (Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good”) on. „You Don’t Wanna (Instrumental)“, the opener for quite some time now (remember it from a 2008 show and setlists readings) started the show with a bang. Without vocals, but with a lot of charisma and a release for me, because I knew the sound at the venue was going to be ok. On stage were TRICKY,

Franky Riley

Gareth Bowen, John Maiden, Sara Farina and guitarist Kelly Appleton.

The setlist included songs from

Mixed Race (2010):
„Really Real“
„Murder Weapon“ (1st single, see video,
„UK Jamaican“
„Ghetto Star“ (2nd single, see video here)

Knowle West Boy (2008):
“Puppy Toy“
„Past Mistake“
“Council Estate“)

Blowback (2001):
“You Don’t Wanna“

Pre-Millenium Tension (1996):

Maxinquaye (1995):
“Black Steel“

as well as a cover version of London Posse’s „Gangster Chronicle“ and Motorhead’s „Ace of Spades“

and a solo song by Franky Riley called „I Sing For The Joker“ (brilliant!).

The crowd was asked to get on stage not once, but twice. After the amazing concert Gina showed pictures she made during the concert. You can see them and also read her review at MOG.

Then… I met TRICKY. It was very nice.

The End.

No… I’ll write a little bit about me meeting TRICKY for the first time and second time, a crazy fan from Romania who has his TRICKY tattooed at a very unique place and tons of other stuff in the next post.

Part 2 coming soon.